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* I had played during my childhood with a couple of old cameras such as Smena and Zenith - and my curiosity was aroused. Together with my brother Sergiu we made black and white prints using our mom's old exposing machine. We covered our room's door with a blanket and there was the Dark Room! We processed negative films while counting the minutes in the red light coming from a special bulb. Years passed and my desire for having a reliable camera grew more and more. I am very grateful to my friends Gabi and Radu who initiated me in the fantastic world of photography.

* It took me several years to learn the art of photography. At the beginning I used my camera on auto mode and with a medium zoom lens while I was only focusing my attention on composition. After shooting on print films I switched to slide film (transparencies) for I'm glad I caught the last train before the digital band-waggon took over an era. My last batch of films were literarily the last ones to be processed by a print shop in Toronto before they closed their E6 processing machine. Oh, well! Time to move on.
* I believe a good photograph is based on the saying, as a make-up artist said once to me, less is more. We often tend to include too much in a photograph. A good photograph requires patience and preparation: discovering the scene, being there in time, catching the best light, choosing the appropriate lens (and maybe a polarized filter), positioning your tripod, thinking the CDE (composition, depth of field, exposure) and then pressing the shutter. Sometimes if you want to work a subject you may come back at a different time. In photography there is always more than one right answer. Let your imagination and creativity find them.

* I remember with fondness the days when I carefully packed twenty rolls of Fujichrome Velvia before going on vacation and taking so much care of them, protecting them from airport x-rays, from summer's hot temperatures and carefully spot-metering the scene before pressing the shutter. Handling the film canisters seemed like a mystic ritual: opening the film roll, the fresh smell of film hitting my nose, pulling out just the right amount of film so the camera can roll it inside, closing the camera like a treasure box. Collecting each film and bringing them for processing and back home, analyzing in awe each mounted slide... The Digital photography indeed made things easier and lighter - including my pocket. It also opened the door for photojurnalistic event capturing approach.

* I love photography as I can express visual feelings. The joy of discovering new sights pushes me to capture and share them. I surprise myself analyzing sights when driving, when looking through the window, whenever I go out. I'm trying to see the extraordinary out in the ordinary, on the day-to-day places I'm passing by.

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